H. B Series Plastic Screw Extruder Gearbox

H. B Series Plastic CZPT Extruder CZPT

1). Exact same with Flender H.B sort.
2). Lower voice, low oil temperature, continual running
three). With lubrication, cooling technique.

CZPT technological knowledge:
Electrical power Selection: one.1kw-5100kw
Allowable torque: 450000Nm
Ratio: 1.25-450
Input Pace: 750rpm-1500rpm
Output Velocity: 1.67rpm-1200rpm
Output shaft: hollow shaft or sound shaft.
Gearcase housing: QT or other people.
Equipment and shaft: 20CrMnTi
Gear hardeness: 58-62 HRC
Cooling: copper tube, supporter
Lubrication: oil pump

Palm oil extruder device, mining ball mill device, plastic or paper shredder, conveyor 
and other device.

Model information:

CZPTcal variety H sequence:

Series Transmission Ratio (i) Models
H1 1.twenty five-5.six H1SH3,  H1SH5, H1SH7, H1SH9, H1SH11,       H1SH13, H1SH15, H1SH17, H1SH19
H2 six.3-28 H2SH4, H2SH5, H2SH6, H2SH7, H2SH8, H2SH9, H2SH10, H2SH11, H2SH12, H2SH13, H2SH14, H2SH15,H2SH16, H2SH17, H2SH18, H2SH19, H2SH20, H2SH21, H2SH22, H2SH23, H2SH24, H2SH25, H2SH26
H3 25-112 H3SH4, H3SH5, H3SH6, H3SH7, H3SH8, H3SH9, H3SH10, H3SH11, H3SH12, H3SH13, H3SH14, H3SH15,
H3SH16, H3SH17, H3SH18, H3SH19, H3SH20, H3SH21, H3SH22, H3SH23, H3SH24, H3SH25, H3SH26
H4 one hundred-450 H4SH5, H4SH6, H4SH7, H4SH8, H4SH9, H4SH10, H4SH11, H4SH12, H4SH13, H4SH14, H4SH15, H4SH16,
H4SH17, H4SH18, H34H19, H4SH20, H4SH21, H4SH22, H4SH23, H4SH24, H4SH25, H4SH26

Bevel kind B collection:

Transmission stage Transmission Ratio (i) Types
B2 5 – 14 B2SH4, B2SH5,   B2SH6,   B2SH7,   B2SH8,   B2SH9,
B2SH10, B2SH11, B2SH12, B2SH13, B2SH14, B2SH15,
B2SH16, B2SH17, B2SH18,
B3 twelve.five – 90 B3SH4,  B3SH5,  B3SH6,  B3SH7,   B3SH8,   B3SH9,
B3SH10, B3SH11, B3SH12, B3SH13, B3SH14, B3SH15,
B3SH16, B3SH17, B3SH18, B3SH19, B3SH20, B3SH21,
B3SH22, B2SH23, B2SH24, B3SH25, B3SH26,
B4 80 – 450 B4SH4, B4SH5,   B4SH6,   B4SH7,   B4SH8,   B4SH9,
B4SH10, B4SH11, B4SH12, B4SH13, B4SH14, B4SH15,
B4SH16, B4SH17, B4SH18, B4SH19, B4SH20, B4SH21,
B4SH22, B4SH23, B4SH24, B4SH25, B4SH26,

Business FAQS:
one). Supply direct time: 25 times
two). Payment phrases: FOB, CIF
3). Payment approach: T/T, 30% in CZPT, 70% prior to delivery

H. B Series Plastic CZPT Extruder CZPT