K Bevel Helical Gearbox Reducer Gear Device Is 69-32000 Nm Low Energy Consumption

K Bevel Helical CZPT Reducer Gear Device Is 69-32000 Nm Low CZPT Consumption

HK sequence equipment reducer is a new variety of transmission and compound Y series motor spiral bevel gear,
the gear is created of large use-resistant alloy substance, following particular remedy and ending,
it has the benefits of compact construction, modest dimension, lovely appearance, strong overload capability and so on.

The transmission ratio is as large as ninety six%, low vitality intake, robust purpose, reduced vibration and low noise. 
Ring unique, simple to use, lower servicing cost, particularly suited for the manufacturing line, the use of inside transmission room Move 5, using a new sealing gadget, excellent security functionality, powerful adaptability, can function constantly, with a excellent ongoing operating atmosphere or moist setting.

GB HR collection gear units can be matched with ordinary collection motors, Y2 series motors, overload motors, brake motors, variable frequency motors, DC motors, out of doors moles and so on. Mb collection variable transmission can also be configured to meet diverse utilizes, adopt the design idea of collection and modules, adapt to a broad range, and human methods collection equipment units are diversified.
Motor mixture, installation area and structure task. Any proportion and installation place are picked in accordance to your true demands. 

The shell is made of solid iron and the spiral equipment is forged from high wear-resistant alloy resources. cementite hardening, quenching and precision grinding ensure parallelism and precision. 
This contributes to the excellent mix of transmission.
In the circumstance of little dimensions, the output torque variety of the helical gear gadget is sixty nine-32000 nm.

K Bevel Helical CZPT Reducer Gear Device Is 69-32000 Nm Low CZPT Consumption