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Mlx CZPT Vertical Reduction Mill CZPT Manufacturers


For side travel gadget of tube mill, we specifically configures higher-carrying out MBY (MBYX) gearboxes as the primary gearbox. 
The main motor is connected to 1 aspect of the input shaft of the gearbox, and the auxiliary push device is connected 
to the other facet. The tiny equipment on the girth equipment of the tube mill is related through a twin relationship coupler to 
modify the modest gear. The tiny single gear travel gadget can be set made both or immediately.


CZPT Info:

Specification: 11
Stage: one, equipment pair with parallel axes
Driving speed ratio: optimum i=7.1
Rated electricity: P=two hundred kW ~five,000 kW



Optimized meshing precision of gears, reduced noise, and large effectiveness
The housing is analyzed and optimized by FEM, with considerably less deformation during operation method, and a lot more secure operation
Secured producing top quality and greater trustworthiness
Secured producing high quality and larger reliability
Brief guide time, and superb cost performance ratio.


Applicable Fields:

Applied to crushing ore, coal sheets or cement clinker in industries of creating materials, coal, and mines.


Application illustrations:

MBY710 used for cement production line with five,000 T/d acetylene sludge for ZheCZPT Ruiheng Chemical Co., Ltd. and principal driving of coal mill.
MBY900 utilized for five,000 T/d cement clinker creation line of HangCZPT Kungang and main driving of coal mill.
MBY1000 used for two,five hundred T/d cement grinding station of ZheCZPT Dajiangye Team and primary driving of cement mill.




Gear box variety NO. Input Shaft Output Shaft
i=four i=4.five-five i=five.6-6.three i=7.1
g d l g d l g d l g d l Q D L
MYB400 270 one hundred twenty 200 270 one hundred two hundred 270 ninety one hundred eighty 270 eighty one hundred forty 270 one hundred sixty two hundred
MBY450 three hundred a hundred and twenty 220 three hundred a hundred and twenty 200 300 a hundred one hundred eighty three hundred 90 one hundred sixty three hundred a hundred and eighty 220
MBY500 320 140 240 320 a hundred and forty two hundred 320 one hundred ten one hundred eighty 320 a hundred a hundred and sixty 320 one hundred eighty 240
MBY560 340 160 250 340 a hundred and sixty two hundred 340 one hundred twenty 200 340 a hundred and ten 180 340 two hundred 260
MBY630 370 a hundred and eighty 250 370 a hundred and sixty 230 370 a hundred thirty 200 370 120 one hundred eighty 370 220 300
MBY710 390 two hundred 280 390 a hundred and sixty 250 390 150 220 390 140 two hundred 390 260 340
MBY800 425 220 three hundred 425 a hundred and eighty 260 425 one hundred eighty 240 425 160 200 425 300 380
MBY900 455 240 340 455 200 260 455 180 260 455 180 220 455 three hundred four hundred
MBY1000 485 260 380 485 240 280 485 two hundred 280 485 two hundred 250 485 320 420
MBY1100 520 280 four hundred 520 260 three hundred 520 220 300 520 220 280 520 360 440


Sampling detection by ZheCZPT reducer Merchandise Top quality Supervision and Inspection Centre(Authority Tests),make sure the quality prior to export:

Mlx CZPT Vertical Reduction Mill CZPT Manufacturers