Ngw31 Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer Gearbox for Chemical Industry

Ngw31 Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer CZPT for Chemical CZPT

NGW series planetary equipment reducer is suitable for mining, metallurgy, lifting and transportation, textile, chemical business, light-weight industry and other industries.
It is light in fat and little in quantity. Underneath the very same problems, it can decrease the excess weight by far more than one/2 and the volume by one/two~1/three compared with the normal cylindrical gear reducer
The transmission performance is high, solitary-phase transmission can attain .97-.98, two-stage transmission can reach .94-.96, three-phase transmission can reach .91-.94.
The transmission power range is big, from much less than one thousand kW to 1300 kW.
Steady procedure, low sounds, resilient and long provider life
Doing work condition

  1. The greatest pace of high-pace shaft shall not exceed 1500r / min
  2. The peripheral velocity of the gear shall not exceed ten m / s.
  3. Doing work environment temperature is – 40 ºC ~ forty five ºC
  4. Good and negative procedure
  1. sorts
Varieties NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio 2.eight,three.fifteen,3.55,four,4.five,5,five.six,6.three,7.1,8,9,ten,eleven.two,twelve.five


Sorts NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio 14,sixteen,eighteen,twenty,22.4,25,28,31.5,35.5,forty,forty five,fifty,fifty six,sixty three,seventy one,80,ninety,100,112,125,a hundred and forty,one hundred sixty


Kinds NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio a hundred and eighty,two hundred,224,250,280,315,355,four hundred,450,five hundred,560,680,710,800,900,1000,1120,1250,1400,1600,1800,2000


Ngw31 Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer CZPT for Chemical CZPT