Ngw51 Mining Equipment Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer Gearbox

Ngw51 CZPT Equipment Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer CZPT

NGW sequence planetary equipment reducer is suited for mining, metallurgy, lifting and transportation, textile, chemical business, gentle market and other industries.
It is light-weight in excess weight and little in quantity. Below the exact same problems, it can minimize the excess weight by much more than one/two and the quantity by one/two~1/3 in comparison with the common cylindrical gear reducer
The transmission effectiveness is higher, single-stage transmission can get to .ninety seven-.98, two-phase transmission can get to .94-.96, 3-stage transmission can attain .91-.ninety four.
The transmission energy selection is massive, from less than a thousand kW to 1300 kW.
Secure procedure, reduced sound, resilient and prolonged services life
Doing work issue

  1. The maximum velocity of substantial-speed shaft shall not exceed 1500r / min
  2. The peripheral pace of the equipment shall not exceed 10 m / s.
  3. Functioning atmosphere temperature is – 40 ºC ~ 45 ºC
  4. Optimistic and damaging operation
  1. kinds
Varieties NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio two.eight,three.15,3.fifty five,four,four.five,5,five.six,six.three,,8,9,10,eleven.two,twelve.five


Kinds NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio fourteen,16,18,20,22.4,twenty five,28,31.5,35.5,forty,45,fifty,56,63,seventy one,eighty,90,100,112,a hundred twenty five,140,a hundred and sixty


Types NGW11,NGW17,NGW21,NGW
Nominal transmission ratio 180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560,680,710,800,900,1000,1120,1250,1400,1600,1800,2000


Ngw51 CZPT Equipment Planetary Gear Reducer Speed Reducer CZPT