Right Angle Bonfiglioli 300 Series Planetary Gearbox

Right Angle Bonfiglioli 300 Series Planetary CZPT

Correct Angle Bonfiglioli three hundred Sequence Planetary CZPT (MN200-810)


CZPT Parameter:                                                                                                 

Output Torque Selection: 1000 to 450,000 N.m

Transmissible CZPT Electrical power: up to 450 kW

Gear Ratios: 3 to 9000

Gear Device Variations:

In line (Co-axial )

Correct angle (with a spiral bevel gear established)

Output Configuration:

Foot and flange mounted

Output shaft: sound with crucial, spline, spline hollow,

Hollow with shrink disc

Enter Configurations

Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors

CZPT orbit motors

IEC and NEMA motor adaptors

Solid enter shaft

CZPT Brake: CZPTally unveiled parking brake on ask for



Equal To Other Manufacturer : 



 300 Series



CZPT oil

RE Sequence


RR Series


N series planetary speed reducer is broadly used for industrial programs. With the patterns deriving from modern day innovating, the item can make wonderful development in a compact, cost efficiency and mixture. The merchandise configuration is highly flexible due to numerous options as significantly as the mounting, the output shaft and the motor interface. With overloading bearing fixed to the output shaft, the items has been 1 of the effective solutions to weighty-duty push difficulties.

How To Select a Comprehensive CZPT planetary gearbox:
Total planetary gearbox made up of four elements :

Input Ingredient
  1:AC electric motor
  2: NEMA or IEC motor
  3: NEMA or IEC motor adapter flange
  four: the Solid input shaft
  five: Solid input shaft with the supporter
Equipment Reductions (co-axial phase 1-five ,correct angle one-four . )
  6:Appropriate angle reduction stage
  7: Planetary reduction stage
  8: Worm/planetary mix
  9: Bevel helical planetary combination
Output Component 
  ten: Flanged output/ Footed output-Sound shaft
  11: Flanged output/ Footed output-Male spline shaft
  12: Flanged output/ Footed output- Woman spline shaft
  thirteen: Flanged output/ Footed output-
  14: Flanged output/ Footed output-Pinion
  15: Shaft Mount output for shrink disc
  sixteen: Flange
  seventeen: Pinion equipment
  eighteen: Sleeve coupling
  19: Endplate
  twenty: Splined bar
  21: Shrink disc


Right Angle Bonfiglioli 300 Series Planetary CZPT