Worm Gear Reducer Worm Gearbox Worm Reducer Worm Gearbox Price

Worm Gear Reducer Worm CZPT Worm Reducer Worm CZPT Price

Nmrv Worm Transmission Reductor Used for Worm Velocity CZPT


&lpar1&rparLarge output torque

&lpar2&rpar Risk-free&comma reputable&comma cost-effective and tough
&lpar3&rpar Steady transmission&comma quiet operation

&lpar4&rpar Large heat-radiating effectiveness&comma high carrying potential
&lpar5&rpar Mixture of two single-stage worm gear pace reducers&comma meeting the requirements of super velocity ratio

&lpar6&rpar CZPT gearboxes are widely utilized in the sectors&commalike foodstuff&comma ceramics&comma and chemical producing&comma as effectively as packing&comma printing&comma dyeing and plastics

 CZPT information&colon

&lpar1&rpar Motor enter energy&colon0&period06kw-15kw

&lpar2&rpar  Output torque&colon17-1971N&periodM

&lpar3&rpar  Pace ratio of worm equipment peed reducer&colon five&sol10&sol15&sol20&sol25&sol30&sol40&sol50&sol60&sol80&sol100

&lpar4&rpar  With IEC motor input flange&colon 56B14&sol71B14&sol80B5&sol90B5


&lpar1&rpar   NMRV571-NMRV090&colon Aluminium alloy housing

&lpar2&rpar   NMRV110-150&colon Cast iron housing

&lpar3&rpar   CZPT&colon NSK bearing & Selfmade bearing

&lpar4&rpar   Lubricant&colon Synthetic & Mineral

&lpar5&rpar  The materials of the worm mandrel is HT250&comma and the worm ring equipment is ZQSn10-1&interval

&lpar6&rpar  With higher high quality home made bearings&comma assembled NAK oil seals & stuffed with higher good quality lubricant&time period


&lpar1&rparWhen worm pace reducer starts to perform up to200-four hundred several hours&comma its lubricant must be changed&time period

&lpar2&rparThe gearbox want to exchange the oil right after 4000 hrs&period of time

&lpar3&rparWorm reduction gearbox is entirely filled with lubricant oil following finshed assembly&period of time

&lpar4&rparLubricanting oil must be kept enough in the casing and checked at a fastened time&time period


&lpar1&rpar   Blue &sol Mild blue

&lpar2&rpar   Silvery White

 Quality manage

&lpar1&rpar  Quality assure&colon one yr

&lpar2&rpar  Certification of quality&colon CZPT&colon2000

&lpar3&rpar   CZPTy product have to be examined just before sending


Worm Gear Reducer Worm CZPT Worm Reducer Worm CZPT Price