Worm Gearbox for Paper Mill Speed Reducer

Worm CZPT for Paper Mill Speed Reducer

The gearbox  is normally utilized for lower-speed and higher-torque transmission equipment. The energy of the electric powered motor, inside combustion engine or other higher-velocity procedure is achieved by way of the equipment of the input shaft of the reducer meshing with the huge gear on the output shaft. The ratio of the amount of enamel is the transmission ratio.There four sort gearbox for paper mill,pls examine the comply with informations:

Worm/spiral bevel gearbox reducer

1. Worm/spiral bevel gear reducer is created in accordance with international complex requirements and has a substantial technological content.
2. It will save room, is dependable and resilient, with higher overload capability, and the energy can achieve much more than 200KW.
three. Reduced energy usage, superior efficiency, and the reducer efficiency is as substantial as ninety five%.
4. K spiral bevel gear reducer has reduced vibration, minimal sound and high power preserving.
5. The spiral bevel gear reducer is manufactured of high-good quality metal materials, rigid cast iron box, and the area of the equipment is substantial-frequency heat handled.

6. Right after precision processing, the reducer that types the transmission assembly of helical gears, bevel gears and bevel gears is outfitted with numerous types of motors, forming an electromechanical integration, which entirely guarantees the good quality traits of the geared motor items.

2. Functionality attributes:
one. Vertical output, compact construction, tough tooth area transmission torque, large-precision gears make sure stable perform, reduced noise and lengthy daily life.
two. Installation strategy: foot installation, hollow shaft set up, flange set up, torque arm set up, little flange installation.
three. Input method: motor immediate connection, motor belt relationship or input shaft, relationship flange input.
4. Output method: hollow shaft output or strong shaft output, the regular effectiveness is 94%.
5. Mix with R series to get larger speed ratio.

three. CZPT parameters:

Velocity ratio selection: basic variety five.36~197.37, K/R mix sort can reach 32625
Torque selection: two hundred~50000 Nm
Electricity selection: .eighteen~200 kW

CZPTcal equipment hardened equipment reducer

one. R series helical gear hardened equipment reducer is manufactured in accordance with international technological specifications and has a large technological content
2. Challenging tooth surface area reducer saves space, is reputable and tough, has substantial overload capacity, and the energy can achieve 132KW
three. Minimal energy use, excellent overall performance, and the reducer performance is as large as 95% or more
4. Reduced vibration, lower sounds and substantial power preserving
5. The helical gear reducer is made of substantial-good quality cast steel substance, rigid forged iron box, and the area of the gear is substantial-frequency heat treated
six. Following precision machining to make sure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, the reducer forming the helical equipment transmission assembly is geared up with various types of motors, merged into mechatronics, which fully assures the quality qualities of the geared motor merchandise.

one. Modest offset output, compact construction, optimum use of cupboard space, the next and 3rd levels are in the identical cupboard.
2. It adopts integral casting box, which has very good structural rigidity, which is easy to increase the power of the shaft and the lifestyle of the bearing.
3. Set up approach: foot installation, flange set up with large and tiny flanges, easy to select.
4. With solid shaft output, the common performance is 96% for the 2nd stage, ninety four% for the 3rd phase, and 85% for the R/R blend.
5. The RM series specifically developed for mixing can bear greater axial and radial forces.

3. CZPT parameters:

Velocity ratio variety: R basic type three.33~289.74, RX sort 1.3~eight.65, R/R merged variety can reach 27001
Torque range: R fundamental kind 85~18000 Nm, RX variety 20~1680 Nm
Electrical power selection: R fundamental sort .18~160 kW, RX sort .18~132 kW


Parallel shaft helical equipment reducer

one. The F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer is created in accordance with worldwide technological needs and has a high technological content material.
two. It saves space, is reputable and resilient, has higher overload capacity, and the power can get to much more than 90KW.

three. F parallel shaft helical equipment reducer has low power consumption, exceptional efficiency and efficiency as high as ninety five%.
four. Parallel shaft helical equipment reducer has minimal vibration, minimal sounds and substantial vitality preserving. It is produced of higher-high quality metal substance, rigid cast iron box, and the area of the gear is higher-frequency warmth taken care of.
five. After precision machining, the shaft parallelism and positioning accuracy are ensured. All of this constitutes the gear transmission assembly. The reducer is outfitted with different motors, forming a mechatronics, which completely ensures the high quality attributes of the geared motor goods.
one. Parallel output, compact structure, big transmission torque, stable procedure, lower sound and long lifestyle.
two. Installation technique: foundation installation, hollow shaft installation, flange set up, torque arm set up, modest flange installation.
3. The rotation direction of the input and output of the basic two-stage is the exact same, and the a few-stage is reverse one more consultation is necessary for F/R mix.
4. Output mode: hollow shaft output or solid shaft output.
five. Common efficiency: ninety six% for level two, ninety four% for amount three, and eighty five% for F/R combination.

 three. CZPT parameters:

Speed ratio variety: fundamental type 3.81~281.seventy one, F/R mix variety can reach 31434
Torque range: 200~18000 Nm
Electricity assortment: .eighteen~200 kW

CZPTcal equipment worm gear reducer

  1. The S series helical gear worm reducer has a high technological content material. It has a mixture of helical equipment and worm gear for integrated transmission, which improves the torque and efficiency of the device. This series of goods have full specifications, broad speed range, excellent flexibility, adapt to different installation methods, protected and reputable overall performance and prolonged daily life, and have applied global expectations.
  2. The surface area of the human body has a heat dissipation effect, sturdy vibration absorption, reduced temperature rise and low sounds.
  three. The equipment has great sealing overall performance and powerful adaptability to the doing work setting.
  4. The helical gear worm gear reducer has large transmission accuracy, which is specially ideal for doing work in events with recurrent commencing. It can be related to different reducers and equipped with numerous varieties of motor drives. It can be mounted in a ninety diploma transmission operation.
  five. The essential elements of the S helical gear reducer are created of very wear-resistant components and have been through particular warmth remedy. They have the attributes of substantial machining precision, stable transmission, tiny dimensions, huge carrying capability, and lengthy daily life.
  6. The helical equipment reducer can be equipped with different sorts of motors, forming an electromechanical integration, which totally guarantees the top quality attributes of the solution.
  one. Combination of helical equipment and worm gear, compact composition and massive reduction ratio.
  2. Installation method: foot set up, hollow shaft set up, flange installation, torque arm installation, tiny flange set up.
  3. Enter method: motor immediate connection, motor belt link or enter shaft, link flange enter.
  four. Common effectiveness: reduction ratio of seven.5-sixty nine.39 is seventy seven% 70.forty three-288 is 62% S/R blend is fifty seven%.
  five. Blend with R sequence to get more substantial velocity ratio.

 three. CZPT parameters:

Pace ratio variety: standard type nine.96~244.74, S/R blend variety can attain 8608
Torque range: 43~4200 Nm
Energy selection: .eighteen~22 kW


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Worm CZPT for Paper Mill Speed Reducer